We’re both really awkward in front of the camera. Will we be fine?
Absolutely! It’s why I include a complimentary engagement session in all of my wedding packages. This is a super chill session where you guys get to hang out and have fun while I document you guys being cute together. After this, you guys would have gotten used to me and my camera being around, and will be complete naturals once your big day rolls around.

We hate posing for a photo. Is this going to be a dealbreaker?
No problem at all. I hate posing for photos too, or posing people for that matter. While I might move you guys around a bit for that yummylicious light, most of the time I’ll be focusing on documenting you guys for who you are, silly moments and all.

Why aren’t you only $500?
While I’m definitely not cheap, I’m nowhere near the top end of pricing either. Here are some of the things I do that directly affects the photos as well as the experience you receive:

  • I do this full time, and invest a significant part of my waking hours in my business.
  • I support local artists and businesses, and source all my products and packaging locally.
  • I have a full online system set up to make sure that I can deliver the greatest experience in the lead up to your big day, as well as to make sure that I never forget any important details.
  • I’m not the type of photographer that just rocks up on the day, takes the photos, edits them and emails you a copy. I’m going to be there with you every step of the way during the planning process. Need some vendor recommendos? Drop me an email. Not sure how to work out your timeline for the day? Let’s grab a coffee and knock it out. Not sure where you want your location photos? Let’s pull up Google Maps together and stalk the street view.
  • Both me and my gear are fully insured.
  • I shoot with at least 2 professional Canon DSLRs at all times, a full set of their pro lenses, as well as a couple of film cameras that I pull out during the slower moments of the day for that sweet, sweet film look.
  • I shoot to 2 memory cards on the day itself, meaning you’ll get 2 backups of your once-in-a-lifetime images as I work.
  • Then when I get home, I upload them to my desktop, Time Machine makes a backup of that, while another copy gets uploaded to a secure cloud storage. This means that by the time I get to bed, there’s going to be 4 backups of your precious memories (I yearn for the day when Australia gets faster internet so that I can say there’ll be 5 copies when I get to bed, but hey 4 ain’t too bad!)

Do you do albums?
Yup! I’m a big believer in printing out your memories. And I strongly recommend it. It’s also included in my top package.

Do you shoot with a second shooter?
I don’t usually need one nor do I recommend that you guys book one. I work better solo because it lets me melt into the crowd better. I do usually bring along an assistant to help me reload film though. However, if it’s a really big wedding I might recommend that you guys book one.

Are your packages customisable?
Definitely! It’s one of the things that we’ll be going through when we meet up so we can find one that fits you best.

How much coverage do you think I’ll need?
For a typical wedding I’d say 10 hours should work fine. This would cover both your preparations up till about half an hour into your dance party at your reception, while still giving you guys lots of breathing room in between.

Do we really need to do family photos?
I know, I know. I’m not a big fan of it either. But trust me, they’ll love you for it – those will be your parents’ + grandparents’ favourite photos, and will be the stuff they print to life-sized proportions and hang in the living room.

Do we need to feed you?
Yes please! Running around all day for a wedding burns up heaps of energy, and my second shooter and I will need a proper meal (something hearty and filling, we don’t need the full 3 course shebang but definitely won’t say no to it) during reception to top up our energy levels as well as our creative juices.

How will you be delivering the photos?
You’ll be getting a set in a USB drive, and the exact same set in an online gallery too that you can share with your friends and families. I deliver them in both Web Res that’s optimised for social media sharing, as well in Hi Res that’s optimised for printing. Yup you read it right – while I do sell prints, there’s no extra cost if you want to get them printed yourself.

How long do you take to deliver the photos?
I usually take between 4-8 weeks to get all your photos to you. While it may seem a little long, I do like to invest the time in perfecting each photo. To (loosely) quote Anton Ego: “If it’s not good, I don’t deliver.”

How many photos will we get?
I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, so I can’t guarantee a minimum number of photos as I’ll never shoot more photos just to hit the numbers quota. However, from past experiences you can probably expect around 600-800 for a typical 10 hour wedding, and around 30-50 for a typical 1 hour engagement session.

Can you travel if our wedding’s not in Perth?
Yes definitely! I love checking out new places and would love to document your love story anywhere in the world. I’ll be charging a little extra to cover for 2 nights accommodation, flights, and car rental, but if your wedding is at a place on my bucket list I’m sure we can work out a deal. Get in touch so we can get excited about it together!

Can we meet up first so that we can make sure you’re not a creep?
Absolutely! I insist on it actually. I’ll be the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day besides your significant other, so I like to make sure that we all get along fine before you drop some fairly significant dough my way.

Ok you sound amazing! How do we book?
Woohoo! Get in touch here and let’s get this underway.

Unfortunately, you’re out of our budget – can you help?
Of course! Get in touch anyway with details about your wedding and I can refer you to someone who’ll be a perfect fit for you.