Everything changes when you’re behind the lens of a camera. It’s a different way of viewing the world. All the colour and the noise of the background dies away, and you are left with a single frame that represents a deeper reality. It’s a form of reduction and distillation. Your viewpoint is narrowed, so now everything in it takes on added significance. It is then that you find what you’re looking for, a look, a gesture, something unplanned – which reveals everything.

Hi, I’m Jonathan, a documentary wedding photographer based in Perth, but I’m more than happy to travel the world to any destination you can dream of.

I live with my wife and calligrapher Kenaina, and our dachshund Jazzy. I love collecting old film cameras and I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I also love dramatic musicals (which I sing out of tune but with gusto!) and I’m attempting to learn the violin. Music plays a big role in my life, but my real skill and passion is photography.

I’d love to work with you as your wedding photographer capturing all those moments that would otherwise be missed, finding the perfect way to tell the story of your wedding.


I prefer to shoot with film. There is something about the whole process that lends itself to a more artistic outcome. I find that film produces images with a soft, organic, dreamy quality that is difficult to reproduce in digital. The tonal qualities, the colour, and the texture of it are out of this world. It’s these qualities that make me love the timeless and transcendent aspect of film. Once you see the results you’ll be a believer too.

I also appreciate the aesthetic that comes from natural, unscripted moments. That’s why I use a photojournalistic approach in my wedding photography – capturing couples as they go, and not lining everyone up for tedious photo taking sessions. I find that what works best is when couples shake their nerves and just go with the flow – that way, I can capture authentic moments.

Most of all, I want to produce work that tells stories, that leaves people wondering, that makes people feel something. I want to take photos that move people, that tickle their funny bone or tug at their heartstrings. Work that is emotional and endures forever.